FTTH & FTTN: Which Network Is Better?

In today’s world where speed has turned out to be everyone’s desire, fiber optic networks have become the first choice for them. Fiber optic is a technology that uses glass or plastic threads (fibers) to transmit data. Undoubtedly, fiber optic has reached an excellence of its own with just about no competition at all.

The speed rates provided by fiber optic system are much higher. Some of the key advantages Of Fiber to The Home System include Fast connection speeds, capable of handling futuristic Internet demands, adequate bandwidth equipped to support new technology like 3D holographic high-definition television, enables bundling of communication services using a single broadband connection. There are many different new applications coming up for FTTH. So, households stay connected with the latest in technology by having it.


On the other hand, FTTN (Fiber to the Node or Neighborhood) renders cable telecommunication services to multiple destinations. FTTN provides a broadband connection via a common box (the node). In such networks, Fiber optic wires enter a central neighborhood connection from where copper wires run into individual destinations. In addition to this, these wires are either twisted pair wiring or coaxial cables. This system serves about 100 customers in a radius of 1.5 km.

Some of the key advantages Of Fiber to the Node include Fiber infrastructure exists in a location, the only up gradation is necessary from the node to the premises using a copper cable and you can choose between fiber or copper installation. Disadvantages of Fiber to The Node are Low upload speeds during high-quality video communication telecommuting and cloud computing services. Also, the ratio of speed to price is poor and performance levels may vary, depending on the location. Apart from this, it is expensive to implement, use of old technology, high dependency on the local vendor and makes upgrade to FTTP not easy.
Both the FTTH and FTTN networks seem to have their own advantages and disadvantages. But, it appears that FTTH does outperform Fiber to the Node in more ways than one. Therefore, it is important for companies and organizations to hire the services of a prudent and competent fiber optic Internet services Delhi.

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