Does only Speed Matters In A Faster Fiber Internet Connection?

Faster Internet speeds matter, but there is more to an Internet connection than just speed.

Bandwidth Matters
Advertisements for an Internet connection often have statements of something like “speeds up to 10Mbps”. Here they are actually referring to is the bandwidth of the connection. For example- In my location, XYZ company provides three tiers of service – 1) 3Mbps, 2) 25Mbps and 3) 50Mbps.  This speed can find out the greatest amount of data that I can pull down to my PC at a given time.

The speeds often will be less than that because of other factors. Also, when you are looking at home Internet connections, the upload speeds are often less than the download speeds. And, the same three offerings (1) 3Mbps, 25Mbps and 50Mbps) come with- 7Mbps, 5Mbps and 10Mbps upload speeds.

So, is this the maximum speed that your Internet connection can get at a given time? Most of the time, you will not be getting that much data as anything that you are downloading to your computer due to the limited & the lowest bandwidth along the whole Internet route between the computer and the server. Thus, if a link between you and the server is just of 1Mbps, then having a 50MBps link is not going to be any faster as compared to the 3Mpbs link. If this is the case, then no need to go for more expensive links.


If you stream any video that is one of the most bandwidth-intensive applications on the Internet, possibly you will need to have a faster link. A single 480p video stream is averaged about 1-2Mbps. On the other hand, a 1080p streams anywhere from 3 to 10Mps. Suppose, you have many people in your home & are streaming multiple videos at once watching a 1080p video, it could result in pauses in the degraded quality or streams.

Latency Also Matters
The speed test not only displays the speeds of a link but also shows something called PING as well. This is a simple test that records the latency that it takes to transfer a packet of information from your PC out to a server and come back. Also, it is measured in milliseconds (ms). The lower the number, the less latency you have in that connection. Thus, latency matters a lot.

Furthermore, the faster fiber Internet connection would provide online gamers an advantage over slower packages or cheapest Internet plan in Delhi. Having 50Mbps means you would play better than 3Mbps. But, the problem is that action games are much more dependent upon latency instead of bandwidth. As a matter of fact, most online games use very little bandwidth compared to a video stream. The 3Mbps link will play just as fine as the 50Mbps speed unless, the game uses plenty of bandwidth. But, it is not going to be a factor between 50Mbps and the 25Mbps options.

Rather, it is the latency of Internet connection that matters more. Also, if one connection has 150ms ping and another has 50ms ping to the server, then the 50ms has a tenth of a second advantage in terms of reacting compared to the person with 150ms latency. That means the way a cable Internet loop works, your latency will be roughly the same as you are going over the same line whether it is 3Mbps or 50Mbps.

Beware of what is the marketing of an ISP Delhi is trying to tell you. Higher speed  fiber Internet connections or high-speed Internet plans Delhi offers better experiences. But as a consumer, you don’t want to have to overspend for your experience. Also, look at how you use your Internet connection provided by your hired Internet service provider Delhi to get what is the best for fulfilling your requirements.

High Speed Internet Is The Primary Need Of Everyone Today

We can not imagine our life without the Internet or can not live in this society without the Internet? In today’s modern Era, on one can live without the Internet. Everyone is dependent on the Internet for their each need nowadays. They go on the Internet to get any information and also the Internet is used for education, for business, for promotion and many more other things. The Internet is the necessary part of our life and we can get any kind of information on the Internet. Apart from this, we can communicate with anyone, from anywhere and anytime with the Internet. Therefore, we can understand the importance of Internet connection at present.

High-Speed fiber Internet is something which everyone enjoys. People do not like to open a website or a program that it ends up taking a long time before it opens. Internet Service providers in India thus provide their customer’s the chance to enjoy fast Internet at the best price. There are many Internet service companies in India which provide these services all over the country. High-speed Internet is mostly in demand by businesses that are growing and need carrying out sales fast because these companies would need to market themselves quickly.

Before selecting for one, you must research the various Internet providers. There may be those which provide high speed Internet plans Delhi at affordable prices. It depends on how far one is from the provider source. So, the closer one is to the provider’s the faster their Internet will be. In addition to this, high-speed Internet providers are also known to be among the best as well as the most reliable Internet service providers. So, many businesses get their Internet-sourced from them and they never let them down. They have good representatives who can help you to pick out the cheapest Internet plan in Delhi that are specifically fit for you. They may also help one to install the Internet services into your system and may answer any questions you may have.

A reliable high-speed Internet provider must be one that has good customer care as well as is polite to their customer. Anyone can become a loyal customer when he or she feels appreciated and welcomed and introduce his or her friends to the services so that they may enjoy the benefits as well.

Boost Your Online Experience With The Best Broadband Internet Plans

The accessibility of Internet broadband has facilitated many functions from education and entertainment to communications, information sharing and much more. The advancements in technology has provided us a number of options in terms of broadband Internet connections.

To s fulfil the need of broadband needs for the customers, many Internet Service providers in India have turned up providing dissimilar services. Undoubtedly, increased competition has resulted in reliable services, whereas it has made the decision of best broadband provider an intricate one too. As Internet users are crucial to the providers, all of them are aggressively providing fast internet plans in Delhi to attract as many as customers as they can. Different providers provide deals complying with the needs of various Internet users and additional discounts are the perks for them.

How To Find A Reliable Broadband Internet Service Provider
You need to analyse your requirements in order find a dependable Internet service provider. For example- what data limit will be suitable, the ideal speed, the affordability factor, etc. Finding a service provider is a challenge, but right knowledge with appropriate choice of provider and Internet plan will indeed get you the high speed yet cheapest internet plan in Delhi.

If you use your internet connection for heavy official works like video conferencing and a lot of downloading and uploading, then it will be better you choose the unlimited broadband plans because it will save you a lot of money. On the other hand, if you wish to use the internet for basic functions like checking emails, updating status at social media websites, paying bills and recharge, you should choose the limited usage plans because they are inexpensive than the unlimited plans.

First, you need to find the number of Internet service providers in your area and compare their high speed internet plans Delhi. Remember, the best providers will mention all the applicable usage details and policies to their customers along with the probable speed. The providers are now serious in terms of providing genuine information and services as switching to another provider is easy these days.

Also, read the reviews of the former customers for your choice of internet service provider as they will surely help you in finding the best. In India, there is a ferocious struggle among the various Internet broadband service companies, they need to be authentic in terms of service and price to get a good position and standard in the industry.

Must Compare Your Broadband Internet Services In Delhi Before Buy

It is best to know the Internet services you are about to avail so as to  make the most out of your money. If you need a good internet service provider in Delhi, it is essential to research and gather all information that could be useful in order for you in deciding how and what you can choose. Apart from this, Know what you need and  how much money you can spend for the services.


First, you need to identify various activities that need an Internet connection. For example, you can identify your required Internet speed for said activities or you might want to consider Internet service providers that provide high speed internet plans Delhi and work best in your area. Remember, Internet connectivity always varies depending on the place of your home or office where it will be of service.

Apart from this, it is also vital to compare your Internet service broadband services as it can make or break your work and other activities. Nowadays, Internet connectivity has already become a need for everyone and no work can fully function well without a stable Internet connection. Also, the prime main reason why broadband Internet services must be examined and checked first before formally subscribing is everything seems to be digitized.

Another factor that should be kept in mind when selecting an Internet service provider for your home or office is Customer service. It is vital to have a reliable person to go to when things go awry with the Internet service. A company that can provide you with the best after-sales program is the perfect Internet partner you can have in the long run. Today, most Internet services come with contracts. So, once you have agreed to sign up to an Internet service contract, you are already locked into their services for a certain period of time. Another great way to get cheapest internet plan in Delhi is to see what kinds of incentives, perks and offers your internet service provider will give you for remaining their valuable customer.  Most Internet services are pretty competitive, so you may find that the prices from provider to provider are very similar.

There are many reliable ISP’s like Gigatel Network available in South Delhi. You can check plans via Compare Broadband to get an Internet bundle that works with your budget and of course needs.

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